Soft Touch De-armouring

What is soft touch de-armouring?

Soft touch de-armouring is a gentle and holistic touch based approach to healing. It focuses on releasing physical and emotional tension and trauma stored in the body. Through gentle touch and pressure applied to specific areas of the body, the technique aims to release blocked energy and traumas that are stored behind ‘armour’.

All of our bodies hold on to past traumas and memories that can cause physical and emotional problems. Soft touch de-armouring helps to free the body, leading to healing, relaxation and inner peace.

We call it ‘soft touch’ because we use just that. A soft pressure, with intention and focus, that opens up the body, releasing and healing at the speed of the body, without trying to force anything to happen. This is especially important because it avoids re-traumatizing the body.

Who is soft touch de-armouring for?

  • People experiencing pain, numbness or other sensations in their sexual organs, or those who want to have more turned on and sensitive experiences of intimacy.
  • Body conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue and tiredness, tension, discomfort, numbness or a feeling that ‘something isn’t quite right’.
  • Hormonal imbalances, insomnia, digestive issues, conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
  • People who wish for more self love and self esteem. Through a deeper connection to the body, soft touch de-armouring can support releasing those stories that we tell ourselves, leading to more honest understanding about our worth and power in the world.
  • Emotional issues, disordered eating, tension conditions including headaches
  • And so much more! If you would like to know how your health could be helped by de-armouring, book in for a call so we can discuss it thoroughly.

I can have pain free sex!

I first came to see Naomi because I had pain in my vulva. When I was stressed the pain was as much as 9/10, when I was not as stressed the pain was around 6/10. After my first de-armouring session with Naomi my vulva felt completely different. The pain is almost never there, when it does come back it goes again, it doesn’t even flare up when I get stressed, and I can have pain free sex.

Soft touch de-armouring for genital and sexual pain

For people experiencing pelvic and sexual pain and other symptoms, soft touch de-armouring can be profoundly healing, since it addresses the deeper body reasons for the pain.

Your ability to deeply heal your body is not about how much you have talked about your past.

It’s not about how much your mind has understood or processed who you are.

It’s not about how much you have wished for healing, or less pain and sensations.

What it is about, is your body!

I know, it seems obvious, but if you want to heal these conditions in your body, you need to work directly with your body

Why is ‘soft touch’ important?

Respect for the body is an essential part of healing, because our bodies are incredibly intelligent and complex, and have a wisdom all of their own.

Soft touch de-armouring holds this body respect sacred, because we know that any healing intervention, no matter how well intentioned, is also a stressor and that it is easy to shut down or overwhelm an already overwhelmed system.

What this means is that if we were to use a forceful or hard touch approach, it could feel like a sledgehammer to the body, and this is not the environment where the body is then able to let go and heal.

Using a soft touch honors the body’s boundaries, creating a space of safety and trust, and this is what allows healing to begin to happen.

When we move at the speed of the body, respecting its needs for gentleness and softness, we can create a space where miracles of healing can occur.

In person de-armouring sessions are available in The Netherlands, or in other areas of Europe by request.

Nudity and genital touch are optional

This is non-sexual body work


One session:

Four sessions: €625 – save €75

De-armouring sessions with Naomi include:

In person sessions in The Netherlands. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours.

Signal Access to Naomi following the session, for check ins and questions.

Suggestions of practices and home play to continue the bodies healing following the session.

Finding Naomi, is the best that could have happen to me.

She is such a beautiful soul and depending on my healing journey the lightest star at the sky.

In a desert full of pain, suffering and anxiety she still believed that I‘m not broken and that there is a chance for me to heal.

I lost the hope that I will heal after 4.5 years of pain. After only one week I realised that she was right. I got a bit of a pain release because she teached me how to breath correctly into my pelvis and gave me some advice how to get back the connection to my body.

The hardest part on my journey was that I thought there is some skin adhesion at my clitoris that no doctor believed in. Naomi helped me to deal with it. After three weeks of work the tissue released almost completely. That took so much anxiety and pain away from me.

Now I know that I‘m not alone anymore and there is someone who will help me out and who believes in me and my healing.
Even if it will take some time to heal completely and there is a lot of work to do I am looking forward to my future full of sunshine with confidence. I am so hopeful. Thank you so much my lovely Naomi!