From Pain To Pleasure

Freedom From Painful Sex Group Immersion

You can have a body that feels AMAZING to live in, and the sex life of your dreams, without the constant fear that your pain, itching and burning is going to come back and mess everything up.

From Pain To Pleasure
5 Month Immersion
Starts 25th October 2022

What if you had a body that let you be as sexy and expressed as you have ever imagined being, with the complete relaxation that comes from knowing that your pain is in the past? 

It’s time to reclaim your life and your body, and stop losing the best years of your life to pain.

It’s time to find freedom from painful sex. It’s time to ignite your healing, for real.

The way you have been approaching your healing isn’t working. 

You seem to take 2 steps forwards, and then 3 steps back, and every time you relax and think ‘now I’m ok’, you get a massive flare up of pain.

You have been dismissed so many times as having a ‘chronic’ condition, that you’ve started to believe that you will never be well

You’ve had to push your lover away again and again, and you’re wondering if there is any point to intimacy and sex and pleasure anyway

You’re so tired, and frustrated, and you’ve lost the trust that anything can ever be better for you.

I realized how pleasure is important for a rich and fulfilling life, I started to believe that me and my body are capable of overcoming my vaginismus, my body was finally capable to relax and to have penetrative sex without pain, I started to accept my sexuality and my body without shame, it is so good to feel fun again!

~ M, Serbia 

There’s a better way!

Discover just what is stopping you from healing, and transform that from the curse you live with, into your secret superpower of healing! (We all need a superpower… and yours wants to help you heal!).

Overcome your pain, itching, burning, dryness, frustration and low libido, and find the epic pleasure and fulfilling sex and intimacy that is just waiting for you. (It’s so close! Can you imagine it?).

Develop a tool kit of strategies and practices to stop your symptoms from ever coming back. (It’s not enough to just feel better for a moment, you need to know that you will feel better forever!).

If what you have been trying up until now hasn’t been working to heal your pain, burning and itching, I have some bad news. 

If you keep doing the same things, you will keep having the same results. 

And by that, I mean no results at all. 

No matter what your diagnosis or your symptoms, you need to do something different to make something different happen. 

There is no one-size-fits all answer to healing, and yet you keep getting bounced around, dismissed, and prescribed the same medicines as everyone else, as if you fit a mold. 

And it just doesn’t work. 

Joy and Freedom from Painful Sex

Heal your body, find your pleasure 

Explore the TRUE reasons behind your pain, itching and burning, and then transform so that your symptoms stop ruling your life.

Get supported by an amazing group of like minded women who understand you, support you, and cheer you on every step of the way.

Find your unique and beautiful sexuality and sensuality, hiding underneath the noise of your symptoms. Discover what you would really love to experience with your lover(s) and yourself, and learn how to ask for what you want.

Join From Frustration to Freedom 5 month immersion for $2550 $1,150. 

By the end of this program, you will:

Understand your pain/symptom triggers, and know how to live your life symptom free, without letting them flare up and take over.

Have clarity on yourself as a sexual and sensual woman, with a strong understanding of what you want, what you don’t like, and how to communicate that with your lover(s). 

Feel blessed with a strong support base of incredible women, who all have your back, and are rooting for you to not only heal, but to thrive. For the rest of your life!

Are you ready to heal your body and find your pleasure?

What is inside the 5 month Immersion?

2 live group Freedom calls every month (10 in total), including practices, laser coaching and opportunities for Q&A, so that you get the most out of this program (valued at $1895)
1 private 60 minute session with Naomi so that you are set up to succeed (valued at $260)
Bonus content provided throughout the immersion, including handouts, videos, audios, and other resources, so that you have everything you need to heal and thrive. (Valued at $320)
Exclusive access to the From Frustration to Freedom private facebook group, where you can get to know the other amazing women in the program, and have access to Naomi for additional support in between calls. ($ Invaluable) 

Month 1:

Radical Self Love: setting the stage for you to fall deeply in love with your body, no matter how it feels, by cultivating self compassion and beginning a lifelong romance with your body.

Then, get into your body: this is important! Get out of your head and into your body, so that you can start to understand what has gone wrong to cause your symptoms… and what you can do about it. 

Month 2:

Making friends with you pain: learn to speak in the language of your symptoms, so that your pain shifts from enemy to friend … and you can ask it to leave.

Pelvic anatomy: my favourite! Take a dive into the hidden miracles of your body, and understand both where your pain is coming from, and how to use your anatomy to begin to increase your pleasure!

Month 3:

Get serious about shifting your pain: notice your unavoidable symptom triggers, and learn what you can do so that they no longer rule your life. 

Grow your tool kit: Because shifting your pain isn’t enough if it doesn’t last. Learn what you can do to have a symptom free life, long term. 

Month 4:

Find your sexy places: Awaken and amplify all of the pleasure available to your body, and finding pleasure spots that you didn’t ever dream could be a turn on for you. Find your pleasure both inside and outside of your pelvis. 

Cultivate sexual confidence and learn how to show that world that you are a quality woman, and you deserve respect and attention. 

Month 5:

Celebrating YOU! Your symptom free life, in a body that is wired for pleasure instead of pain, with joy, gratitude and whole hearted living. 

I was very touched by Naomi’s gentle spirit. When she talked about connecting with our bodies as a soft animal, I was very moved as I never saw my body that way. It just hit me that we need to be gentle with our bodies. Also, I never realised how the pelvic floor holds on to our traumas. She just makes it so simple to understand.

~ F, Canada

From Pain To Pleasure

5 Month Group Immersion

Total Value $2550

  • 10 Live Group Calls
  • 1 x 60 minute 1:1 session with Naomi
  • Bonus content throughout the Immersion
  • Your own Pain To Pleasure PDF workbook
  • An exclusive community of amazing women to cheer you on!

VIP : Total Value $3200

  • 10 Live Group Calls
  • 4 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions with Naomi
  • Bonus content throughout the Immersion
  • Your own Pain To Pleasure PDF workbook
  • An exclusive community of amazing women to cheer you on!

Hi, I’m Naomi

I will be your guide and your biggest cheerleader on your path from Pain to Pleasure.

You can read more about me here, but for now just know that supporting women like you to have the maximum possible amount of turn on, delight and pleasure in your bodies is what lights me up and drives me forward.

This immersion is a truly life transforming experience, and it is my privilege to be able to offer it to you.

Are you ready to heal your body, and find your pleasure?