Healing Vaginismus: Your Audio Supports

Welcome to your downloadable audio recordings to support the information and practices supplied in the Healing Vaginismus ebook.

Each of these recordings supports the chapter in the ebook with the same title, so please read the information in the book before you do the practice to get the most out of it.

I would love to hear how Healing Vaginismus supports you on your healing path, so reply to the email I just sent you with the link to this page, and let you know how you are going.

(Oh, and the testimonial at the bottom of this page? All she did was the practices that I share in this book. You can heal as well!)

Healing Vaginismus: Breathing Part 1

Healing Vaginismus: Breathing Part 2

Healing Vaginismus: Breathing Part 3

Healing Vaginismus: Breathing Part 4

Healing Vaginismus: Finding Safety

Healing Vaginismus: Self Touch

Healing Vaginismus: Trigger Points

I am very excited today because for the first time I was able to have intercourse with complete penetration!

The pain was 80% lesser compared to previous attempts. I could feel the area getting more flexible as well. Thank you so much, it happened because of your cooperation and suggestions.