Pain Free & Turned On

Turn down the dial on your sexual pain in just 8 minutes per day! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use feeling good to turn down the dial on your pelvic symptoms?
So that instead of waiting until you are healed to feel good in your body, you actually use feeling good in your body as a way to heal?

Why Pain Free & Turned On?

This meditation is a powerful tool to begin to transform your pain.
In just 8 minutes per day, I will show you:

How to drop into your body

How to identify an area of pain that is really bothering you

And then how to hack the neurotransmitters in your brain so that you begin the switch from feeling pain, towards feeling amazing.

And the best part?

This meditation is hands free, and orgasm optional, so that whatever your symptoms, the healing is available to you!
pain-free-turned-on-female-with-glasses-looking relaxed

What a delicious meditation!
I could feel my body relaxing and a real glow in my heart. Listening and breathing made me feel calmer, but the pleasure also woke me up! I’ve done it a few times now.
~W, England

Are you ready to turn down the dial on your discomfort?

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