Are you hungry for the sex life of your dreams – not just pain free, but full of desire, turn on, joy and pleasure?

You can have it. The sex life of your dreams. A life where you don’t have to brace yourself against the pain. A life where you don’t have to think about whether or not you are going to hurt for days afterwards. Where you don’t have to live with the disappointment in your lover’s eyes ever again.

A life where your body is a place of delight, turn on, and all of the good feelings.

Because you deserve nothing less.

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In working with Naomi, I especially liked how we could talk openly, and I felt safe.

~ M, Serbia

private 60 minute session

The SEED Session

The SEED Session is for you, when you have a specific problem and you are looking for personalised support. 

You have been dilating successfully, but now PIV sex with your partner isn’t going so well, and you want to know how you can make sex epic. 

You don’t have any libido or interest in sex, your vagina is dry, and you remember how good sex used to feel, but you don’t know how to get that back.

You want to start dating but you’re scared of having the hard conversations about what you need, about having sex with someone new, and where will you meet people who are understanding about your symptoms anyway? The SEED session will answer all of these questions and more! 

You have a session with a OBGYN or other health professional coming up, and you want to get really clear on what to ask, how to ask it, how to advocate for yourself, and how to fully respect your body and its needs.

Or, whatever it is that you need support with!

Your Investment: $245 (approximately $375 AUD/ €245) Includes Signal Access for the 24 hours following our session for all the questions you forgot to ask! Once you make the payment, you will receive an email from me to schedule the session. 

Or, book a FREE 30 minutes Pain To Pleasure Awakening Call first to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

I am so glad I did dive in (to working with Naomi) because it was such an amazing process & transformative experience. It has fixed my incontinence issue (in just 3 weeks!) but I got so much more out of it too.  A greater sense of my body & what she’s capable of, but also a deeper connection with myself & increase love for myself too. It pushed me in ways that were gentle, but it became so apparent that I had to choose ME & because of it  – I am NOW actually chasing my dream of what I have wanted to do ever since I was little but didn’t have the courage to do, so it really has been TRANSFORMATIVE for me.    Naomi was so amazing at holding space & guiding me so gently that it was always so much fun & felt so safe. Thankyou SOOOO much Naomi with all of my heart

~ T, Australia

21 Day Intensive – Private Mentoring

The ACTIVATE Intensive 

The ACTIVATE Intensive is perfect for you, if you want to get catapulted into healing… fast. This program will identify your specific challenges and provide you with the knowledge, resources and support you need. 

The ACTIVATE Intensive is for women who are hungry to heal. You will be supported every step of the way, and will leave astonished at what was possible in such a short amount of time. 

Some examples of why you may be ready for The ACTIVATE Intensive. (These are examples only – what you need support with is perfect!):

You have just been diagnosed with Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Vestibulitis, Pudendal Neuralgia or any other pelvic/intimate condition, and you don’t know what to do now. The ACTIVATE Intensive will show you what is happening inside your body, what you can do about it, and will have you moving solidly on your pathway to healing.

You have been living with painful sex for a long time, and you have had enough of putting up with it. The ACTIVATE Intensive will shake you out of the rut you are in, and put you on the fast track toward healing. 

You haven’t been able to get a diagnosis but you know that something just isn’t right. Maybe it’s your sexual pain, burning, or itching, maybe it’s your exhaustion or complete lack of libido. In the ACTIVATE Intensive, you will work with someone (me!) who will take you seriously, listen carefully, and put you firmly on the path of healing. 

Your Investment: $599 (approximately $875 AUD/ €599). Payment plans are available. 

The program includes 3 Private 60 minute sessions, 1:1 with me, scheduled weekly for three weeks, with ongoing Signal or email access for intensive support. Only choose this option if you are willing to commit to dedicated session time every week, and practice/reflection time every day.

Once you make the payment, you will receive an email from me to schedule your first session. 

Or, book a FREE 30 minutes Pain To Pleasure Awakening Call first to see if we are a good fit for each other. 


(When I do my homeplay practices) all my anxiety disappears and my body feels safe, I feel safe, I am relaxed and calm and I even feel a state of relaxation around my vagina. I feel a feeling of warmth in that area, of relaxation.

~ B, Croatia

4 month 1:1 Program

The THRIVE Solution 

This program is for you if you are looking to completely transform your body, your pain and your life. 

You have been managing your symptoms and all of the shame and disappointment that comes with them for so long, and you have had enough. THRIVING looks like a life where your symptoms are either gone all together, or are so gentle and familiar to you, that you know what to do every day so that they don’t flare up.

You are tired of your pain, itching, burning and exhaustion getting in the way of your relationships, and you just want it to stop. THRIVING looks like your body knowing that it is safe to relax, to feel intimate, to be seen by someone you love. THRIVING is the relationship of your dreams, on your terms! 

You have had enough of frustrating sex, painful intimacy and disappointing your partners. THRIVING looks like pleasure in a body that you love to be in, epic sex, and relaxed turn on. THRIVING means that you don’t have to be afraid of your lover’s sexual advances ever again. 

If you know that there has to be something better than just pushing through your pain, you are ready to THRIVE. 

If you know that you have the right to pleasure, turn on, desire and orgasm in a body that doesn’t make all of those impossible, you are ready to THRIVE. 

If you know that there is a big life full of adventure and fun waiting for you, without your pain stopping you from doing all the things you want to do, you are ready to THRIVE. 

How we will do this:

8 Private 60 minute sessions 1:1 with me, spread out over 4 months. 

Audio and video practices for your homeplay 

Access to my Tease Your Turn On program, so you can ignite your pleasure 

Access to me via Signal or Email for the four months, so you can have ongoing support between sessions 

Total value of the THRIVE Solution: $2400 (approximately $3500 USD/ €2400).

Your Investment: $1500 (approximately $2200 AUD/ €1500). Payment plans are available. 

Once you make the payment, you will receive an email from me with all of the information you need to THRIVE in this program, and a link to schedule your first session. 

Or, book a FREE 30 minutes Pain To Pleasure Awakening Call first to see if I am a good fit for your needs. 

I would recommend working with Naomi, especially for women, because we need to learn that it is right to feel pleasure and to live a life of pleasure. To my best friend I would say: “If you want to experience pleasure, you have to learn to fall in love with your body, and all the things your body is capable of. And it’s capable of so much more than you think!”
Some things I got from working with Naomi are: I realized how pleasure is important for a rich and fulfilling life, I started to believe that me and my body are capable of overcoming my vaginismus, my body was finally capable to relax and to have penetrative sex without pain, I started to accept my sexuality and my body without shame, it is so good to feel fun again!

Before working with Naomi, I was trying to solve everything from my head. That changed when Naomi showed me that these things have to be lived, not just thought about. There are other, more pleasurable ways to overcome stress in the body. After 9 months, I’m trying to listen more to what I actually need, I’m trying to fulfil those needs, not anyone else’s. I am way more confident to set boundaries and to protect my personal space. Because I pay attention, life is more real and I don’t have to run away from it.
In the first meeting, I set a goal for “my body to be a house of peace” and Naomi showed me that this is possible.
After working with Naomi, I am surprised by the fact how much my reality has changed, how much more I’m able to appreciate life and my body and how I’m capable of being happy despite everything. I’ve already won!

~ M, Serbia

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