Pleasure Mapping

Do you have questions about the anatomy of your female body that you have never been able to answer?

Have you been curious if you also have all of the different structures that make up the female genitals, and where yours are uniquely located?

Do you experience sexual or genital pain, numbness or discomfort, lack of libido, difficulties orgasming, or other issues with your sexuality and genitals?

Would you love to experience a deeper connection to yourself as someone in a woman’s body?

Would you simply like to know yourself better?

Thank you again for creating such a safe space.

Your touch made a deep impact, my whole belly felt warmer and tingling, more alive. I even have the feeling that it also impacted my gut, already during the session and also afterwards.
The Netherlands

Pleasure Mapping is a consent based exploration of the anatomy of your vulva, vagina and pelvic bowl.

It is an opportunity to experience yourself in a totally new way and to truly learn about this body that you move through life in.

During the 3 hour session, there will be the opportunity to experience a vaginal steam with medicinal herbs, to learn your own body through mirror work, and, with your body’s consent, to explore your external and internal anatomy, including your vulva and cervix.

As part of the Pleasure Mapping session, you will also learn breathing techniques to bring more movement and pleasure into your body, and if needed, shown practices and techniques for genital and sexual pain, scarring or adhesions.

Please note that Pleasure Mapping is a touch based therapeutical session that is non-sexual.

Pleasure Mapping is for you if:

  • You are curious about your own body. It is time to learn all of those things that you were never taught about your anatomy, and discover for yourself the beauty and power of your female body.
  • Your body feels shut down. No matter what you are trying to tell yourself, you can’t find your desire or turn on. Maybe it was never there. Maybe it’s just disappeared and you don’t know how to find it again.
  • You have never had an orgasm and you want to know what all the fuss is about. Or maybe you have been having orgasms, but you know that there is more to sex and self pleasure than what you have experienced, and you’re not sure how to get there. Learning your own anatomy will give you the knowledge you need to take your experiences to the next level.
  • You experience genital or sexual pain, numbness or discomfort, and you are ready to heal into a body that feels amazing to be in. This can include issues in the vulva, or deeper inside the vagina.
  • Your body is changing, maybe because of age, maybe because of other life events, and you want to know yourself fully within these changes.
  • You are ready to stop hiding your body away, and you’re ready to claim this part of you for yourself.
  • You want to love yourself more, and to know yourself more deeply as someone to love.
  • You want to feel more confident. Confident in your body, the way you look, the capacity that you hold.

Women who work with me often:

Learn about the truth and beauty of their bodies

Experience deep, lasting sexual healing

Heal their genital and sexual pain, including pain, numbness or discomfort in the vulva, or deeper inside the vagina.

Learn about their own boundaries, and how to confidently ask for what they need.

Learn about their own desires, turn ons and pleasure, and how to confidently ask for what they need around this as well!

Discover just how alive and full of sensation their bodies are, and how much of their body has the potential for orgasm and pleasure.

Experience deep relaxation, from the inside out.

I would recommend working with Naomi, especially for women, because we need to learn that it is right to feel pleasure and to live a life of pleasure.

After working with Naomi, I am surprised by the fact how much my reality has changed, how much more I’m able to appreciate life and my body and how I’m capable of being happy despite everything. I’ve already won!

What’s included in Pleasure Mapping:

Each Pleasure Mapping session is a 3 hour session, specific and tailored to you and your needs.

Each session will be made up of a selection of Vaginal Steaming, Mirror work, External and Internal Therapeutic touch, instruction in breathing, and shown practices and techniques for healing genital and sexual pain, scarring or adhesions.

After the session, you will also have access to me for questions and reflections as they come up.

I also LOVE home play (a much more fun option than homework!!), so you will be fully supported with downloadable meditations, video and audio practices and hand outs, again tailored to your individual needs.

Pleasure Mapping is a touch based therapeutical session that is non-sexual.


€175 for a 3 hour session

Naomi provides a beautiful sense of safety through her comfortable, embodied presence and passion for the work.

I’ve learnt how much deeper my own boundaries and safety and advocacy can become to facilitate a deeper experience of pleasure in my body.