Sexual Healing

Heal your sexual pain, experience orgasmic pleasure, and discover just how good your life can be.

It’s Saturday night and you’re sitting at home on the couch. Even though you’re yearning for a warm body to curl up next to, you’re alone. 

Your best friend has a babe she wants to hook you up with ‘they’re perfect for you!’, but you’re terrified. 

What’s the point of even thinking about going on a date, when you’re going to have to have that conversation

You know the one. The one about your sexual pain and what that means. 

The one that starts with you tripping over your words and ashamed, and ends with you frustrated and feeling hopeless. 

Dating is hard enough, but dating when your genitals and intimacy are off the table? Impossible. 

So you sit at home alone


Now imagine you’re on that hot date, and your bestie was right – this person is a BABE! 

You’ve devoured your main meal, and the champagne bubbles have gone to your head, or maybe it’s not the bubbles that are making you feel more excited than you have for a long time. 

Your thigh has brushed against theirs, and your eye contact is getting deeper and more intense, and the amount of sexual tension in the air should be setting the restaurant on fire.

You know what’s coming next, and you’re not afraid. 

They pay the bill (treating you like the queen you are!), you grab your coats, and they lead you out to your car. 

You have one of those movie moments where they brush strands of your hair behind your ear and slowly lean in for the kind of kiss that makes you feel like… you can’t even put it into words. 

‘Coffee? At mine?’ You are a whole body YES, and the best bit? You’re still not afraid

‘I went from not even daring to acknowledge my pelvic and sexual pain, to delighting in my relaxed, orgasmic body

It took me until I was about 34 to even admit that sex had ever hurt for me, and that curling up on the bathroom floor, in agony because of the spasm in my pelvis, wasn’t what I wanted in my life anymore.

That story up there, the one about sitting on the couch because of fear of what might happen if I said YES to life, I know that one so well. 

Those were years of my life. So many years. 

It wasn’t until I was willing to turn around and look at myself and see what was really going on that my life began to heal and change. 

I had to face my sexuality, my pain and my relationship with my own body to even begin to consider that I could live a different story. 

For the last 15 years I have been supporting people to heal their intimate lives, but until I discovered the power of healing my own body and learning how to love myself and my sexuality, I was missing a big piece in true transformational healing.

Once I got deeply intimate with my own sexuality and sensuality, and learnt what was truly possible in the female body, I knew that this was where the power of healing lay.

Over the last 8 years I have supported hundreds of women all over the world to discover for themselves what it means to be a sexual and sensual woman, full of pleasure not pain, on their own terms.

Many of my clients go from barely getting through the day because of their pain/itching/burning and exhaustion, to experiencing the truth of what it is to be in a body that is filled with pleasure and turn on, without the fear of a flare up

They heal from the inside out, and live life on their own terms, confident and fierce in their self love.

Naomi is absolutely gifted at holding a safe, gentle space for women to slow down and lean into practicing deep embodied self care.

I have experienced significant improvements in pelvic health and aliveness, I feel more vitally connected to myself, my body and pleasure as a pathway to self-realisation. If feeling safe in your body and more pleasure, aliveness and gorgeous in your own skin sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to work with Naomi.
E, Australia

From my work, I know that there are 3 common mistakes women make when they want to heal their sexual and pelvic pain:

  • Thinking that you can make your body heal by forcing it to push through or ignore the pain. This causes more harm in the long run. You need to learn your body and what it needs, so that it can just let go of the pain, all of its own.
  • Not teaching your body that it is safe. You can have all of the tools, creams, tablets and gels, do all the exercises and practices, tips and tricks, but if your body doesn’t feel safe, nothing will work.
  • Thinking that you can do it alone. When you are managing pelvic and sexual pain, and you want so badly to heal, it is so easy to get discouraged and give up, or get frustrated and angry at your body. True healing takes time and it takes support.

Healing isn’t selfish or frivolous. 

Healing is essential, because it impacts every single area of your life.

This is so important to know – healing isn’t just about not being in pain.

Healing is about the way that you show up in the world, your confidence and sense of self.

Healing is about healthy relationships, not only with your lovers and partners, but also family, friends and professionally.

Healing is about YOU, full of energy and loving being in the body that you are in, rolling with all of the adventures that life throws at you.

Healing also needs to be done at the speed that your body needs to move at, so that you don’t get pushed too hard or too fast, and can instead learn what it takes to be pain free and full of pleasure, safely.

In this process of recovering and healing, Naomi has helped me to start understanding the importance and role of my body.

Naomi helped me to change my perspectives and I started paying attention, listening to my body, started doing the exercises and it was game changing. In this work with Naomi, I especially liked how we could talk openly, and I felt safe.
M, Europe

Women who have worked with me have said: 

  • ‘Now I know what life in a pain free body feels like!’
  • ‘I don’t think I ever trusted that I could heal like this, and now it’s happened!’
  • ‘It turns out that what I wanted sexually was SO different than what I had been told I wanted!’
  • ‘I’ve been doing a spring clean in my life since working with you. People who have been taking from me without giving anything back have been put on notice.’
  • ‘I can’t begin to tell you how happy my husband is right now!’
  • ‘I cried after sex the other day, not because it hurt, but because it didn’t.’
  • ‘My whole body feels different, I’ve discovered that I love hiking, now that it doesn’t hurt to walk like it used to.’

It’s your time now to fully step into your body, free from pain, full of orgasmic pleasure, and possibility for the life of your dreams.

That’s why I’ve created this 4 month program for you:

Sexual Healing 

This program will show you how to heal your sexual pain, experience orgasmic pleasure and find your confidence.

Step 1: Heal your sexual pain

Discover that the power of healing is actually inside of you, that your body is just waiting to let go of your burning and itching and stabbing sensations, so that you can feel amazing in yourself.

Step 2: Wake up your pleasure

Unearth the truth of your sensuality and sexuality, so that intimacy becomes something that you look forward to, rather than dreading any advances or avoiding touching yourself.

Step 3: Activate your confidence

Overcome the self doubt, shame and insecurity that your pain has caused in you. Get clear on what you really need, so that you can have the fulfilling relationships and sexual freedom that you have been craving.

And discover just how good life can get!

What’s included in Sexual Healing?

  • 8 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions with me, specific and tailored to you, spread over 4 months.
  • Meditations, downloadable video and audio practices, hand outs and other processes so that you are fully supported, every step of the way.
  • Access to me via email or messaging app as often as you need throughout our time working together.
  • Call recordings so that you can watch and rewatch as often as you need to

This 4 month 1:1 intensive healing journey is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You know that now is the time for you to heal your sexual and pelvic pain for once and for all.
  • You are ready to discover for yourself just how good sex can be
  • You’ve tried so many things, but nothing has helped, and you are ready for full transformation.
  • You’d love to feel really, really good in your body.
  • You’re finished with your pain messing up your relationships and your sex life.
  • You want the freedom that comes with living in a pain free body

When Naomi talked about connecting with our bodies, I was very moved as I never saw my body that way.

Also I never realized how the pelvic floor holds on to our traumas. She just makes it so simple to understand.
F, Canada

Naomi has helped me realise… that I have been subconsciously thinking and acting without regard for my body’s limits.

From pushing my body past it’s comfort to realising I carry a lot of stress and shame which is a trigger for my pain. Naomi has such a kind gentle nature that makes you feel instantly safe.
K, Australia