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Shame and turn on.

Did you know that when you feel shame, it actually causes inflammation in your body?

This is because shame triggers our stress hormones to release, which triggers inflammation in the body.

Why do we care about inflammation?

Because it can lead to so many issues.

We’re talking:
Chronic pain including genital pain
Low libido

In fact, increased inflammation in the body has been show to be directly associated with lower se xual satisfaction and lower arousal and desire.

It also affects the hormones that are in charge of keeping our genital tissues soft and juicy.

And interferes with the amount of blood flow we get to our genitals, which can also affect how turned 0n and juicy we are.

And that is just talking about how shame causes inflammation. What about the effect of the feeling of shame itself?

Shame has been shown to be directly related to decreased arousal, orgasm and desire for intimacy.

So what can we do about it?

The first thing that we can do is acknowledge the shame that we are carrying.

Shame about our bodies, the ways they look, taste, smell, what they can and can’t do, about how long it takes us to orgasm or that we can’t orgasm at all, that what we desire is shameful, and all of the other millions of stories that we are telling ourselves and feeling shame around.

And the second thing is to acknowledge that, as Brene Brown says, shame grows in secrecy, silence and judgement.

Confronting shame head on is the fastest way to transform that shame.

And that means transforming your relationship to pain, libido, arousal and pleasure!

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