Shut Down To Turned On: The Program

Would you love to experience more pleasure in your body, more frequent or powerful orgasms, and a deeper connection to yourself as a sexual and sensual woman?

Are you an OH YES to discovering how feeling more turned on and orgasmic in your body spills over into your whole life, leaving you feeling not only turned on, but confident and complete?

Are you finished with living a stressed out, dry and disconnected life, stuck in your head and only just pushing through?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions I would love to share my Shut Down To Turned On Program with you, taking you from turned off, dry and disconnected, to orgasmic, full of pleasure and your own bodies wisdom.

‘I went from not even daring to acknowledge my sexual shut down and pain, to delighting in my relaxed, orgasmic body’

It took me until I was about 34 to even admit that sex had ever hurt for me, and that I didn’t want to live my life without ever experiencing orgasm or good sex any longer.

I had been ignoring that part of my life for so long, and I didn’t want to live that this anymore.

That time without orgasm and pleasure was years of my life. So many years. 

It wasn’t until I was willing to turn around and look at myself and see what was really going on that my life began to heal and change. 

I had to face my sexuality, my pain and my relationship with my own body to even begin to consider that I could live a different story. 

For the last 15 years I have been supporting people to heal their intimate lives, but until I discovered the power of healing my own body and learning how to love myself and my sexuality, I was missing a big piece in true transformational healing.

Once I got deeply intimate with my own sexuality and sensuality, and learnt what was truly possible in the female body, I knew that this was where the power of healing lay.

Over the last 8 years I have supported hundreds of women all over the world to discover for themselves what it means to be a sexual and sensual woman, full of pleasure, on their own terms.

Many of my clients go from barely getting through the day because of their pain/itching/burning and exhaustion, to experiencing the truth of what it is to be in a body that is filled with pleasure and turn on, without the fear of a flare up

They heal from the inside out, and live life on their own terms, confident and fierce in their self love.

A secret for you : your body is built for turn on, pleasure, arousal and epic sex, it’s simply waiting for you to find out how!

I’m so happy.

Even with doing your suggested exercises only when I remember, so not obsessively, I’m feeling so bloody amazing. Wet, juicy, alive. Thank you again.

Shut Down To Turned On is for you if:

  • Your body feels shut down. No matter what you are trying to tell yourself, you can’t find your desire or turn on. Maybe it was never there. Maybe it’s just disappeared and you don’t know how to find it again.
  • You have never had an orgasm and you want to know what all the fuss is about. Or maybe you have been having orgasms, but you know that there is more to sex and self pleasure than what you have experienced, and you’re not sure how to get there.
  • Your body is changing, maybe because of age, maybe because of other life events, and you are not willing to let those changes mean that sex, orgasm and pleasure aren’t part of your life anymore.
  • You are ready to feel so much more pleasure just for you, no matter if you are in a relationship or sexually active with another person. This pleasure matters just for you as well!
  • You are ready to stop hiding your sexuality and sensuality away, and you’re ready to claim this part of you for yourself.
  • You want to love yourself more, and find out how good your body can feel without need another person to be the reason that you feel good.
  • You want to feel more confident. Confident in your body, in your arousal, and in your likes and dislikes, and how to communicate this to other people.

Women who work with me often:

Discover pleasure and orgasm, sometimes for the first time ever!

Experience deep, lasting sexual healing

Learn about their own boundaries, and how to confidently ask for what they need

Learn about their own desires, turn ons and pleasure, and how to confidently ask for what they need around this as well!

Discover just how alive and full of sensation their bodies are, and how much of their body has the potential for orgasm and pleasure.

Experience deep relaxation, from the inside out.

From Shut Down To Turned On: The Program

Wake up your body, discover your turn on and desire, and light up your orgasmic potential.

  • Wake up your body: Discover how you can find all of the sensation that already exists inside of you, so that your entire body becomes a potential playground of pleasure.
  • Discover your desire: Discover what you really want and enjoy, so that any intimacy with self or another becomes a source of pleasure, rather than something that you avoid or dread.
  • Light up your orgasmic potential: Wake up your arousal and turn on, and discover for yourself that your whole body has the potential to bring you pleasure.
  • Learn sexual confidence: Let go of the shame, silence, and shyness that you are carrying, so that you can claim your voice and ask for what you would love and need.
  • Fall in love with your body: This is one of the secrets to my method. The more that you can love, honor and respect your body, the more access you will have to your pleasure.
  • Self pleasure skills: I will guide you as much as you need so that you can feel empowered and confident to find your pleasure.

I would recommend working with Naomi, especially for women, because we need to learn that it is right to feel pleasure and to live a life of pleasure.

After working with Naomi, I am surprised by the fact how much my reality has changed, how much more I’m able to appreciate life and my body and how I’m capable of being happy despite everything. I’ve already won!

What’s included in Shut Down To Turned On: The Program

4 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me, specific and tailored to you. These sessions are once every 2 weeks, and in between the sessions you have:

Access to me via email or Signal messaging app as often as you need throughout our time working together.

I also LOVE homeplay (a much more fun option than homework!!), so you will be fully supported with downloadable meditations, video and audio practices, hand outs and anything else that you need.

All of our calls will be recorded so that you can watch and re-watch as often as you need to.


Full price: 1 x payment of $499 (Approximately €460)

Payment plan: 2 x monthly payments of $260
(Approximately €235)

Naomi provides a beautiful sense of safety through her comfortable, embodied presence and passion for the work.

I’ve learnt how much deeper my own boundaries and safety and advocacy can become to facilitate a deeper experience of pleasure in my body.