With all the talk of erogenous zones, new sex positions, tips for lasting longer, and how epic other people’s sex lives are, have you ever wondered why your body just feels numb, and the thought of sex feels like nothing but hard work?

Welcome to Tease Your Turn On

tease your turn on, pleasurable meditation guide to enjoy your body
This course will show you how to discover for yourself what you actually like, and will turn on areas in your body that you never even imagined could feel that good. 
How about an orgasm from stroking behind your knee? Or from teasing the back of your neck?
With Tease Your Turn On, all of this and more is possible for you! 

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Tease Your Turn On is for you if:

  • You have had enough of feeling numb, or checked out. 
  • You are fed up with dreading sex because your lover’s routine of ‘nipple, nipple, clit’ got boring years ago.
  • You have been avoiding self pleasure because all of the areas you want to play with hurt anyway.

I was so scared even thinking about doing this course. My body has been so shut down for so long, and the last time I had sex with anyone it hurt. I am so happy that I gave it a go! This is anonymous, so I’ll tell you that I had my first ever orgasm doing the vulvar meditation. I cried for a day afterwards. I never knew my body could feel like this.

~ H, England


Penetration into your vagina is painful, but you want to have pleasure,

Your vulva aches and burns, but you want to feel turned on,

The opening to your vagina is like fire, but you want to feel juicy,

You don’t have any libido, but you’re curious about what might be possible,

You know there has to be more to sex, but you don’t know what that looks like for YOU,

OR, you are just curious about how much pleasure, desire and turn on your body can feel, then, this self guided course is for you! 

 It’s time to Tease Your Turn On, and discover just how good your body can feel!

Here is what is included in Tease Your Turn On

Tease Your Turn On Full Body Meditation:

A guided meditation for you to use to discover areas of pleasure in your body that you may have never even dreamed could feel good! This meditation can be used over and over again, so you can keep finding new places to tease your turn on!

Tease Your Turn On Vulva Meditation:

If you have ever wondered about just how good your clitoris can feel, or if you can arouse all 8 cm of it, or why some people can orgasm in their perineums, this meditation is for you! And, if touching your vulva isn’t an option for you at the moment, you can do the meditation just using the power of your amazing brain to turn yourself on… and still feel all of the pleasure!

A fillable or printable pdf to guide you:

You will receive a printable and fillable pdf to download, with all of the information you need, and charts so that you can track those areas in your body that bring you the most pleasure.

Are you ready to Tease Your Turn On, and discover just how good your body can feel?

Frequently asked questions:

How do I access Tease Your Turn On?

Once you enrol you will receive access to the course portal, where you will find all of the material that you need.

How much time does it take?

The meditations go for around 30 minutes each. You can do them once, or you can do them over and over again if you want to! If you can set aside 30 minutes here and there, you can Tease Your Turn On!

Do I get support or access to you 1:1?

This course is designed to self guided, however, I would love to hear how you are doing, and you will be encouraged to reply to the emails and let me know. For additional 1:1 support, please book a time to speak to me here, so we can discuss the options. 

What is the investment?

A one time payment of $29 (approximately $37 AUD/ €25).

You are one step away from Teasing Your Turn On, and finding out just how good your body can feel!