Painful sex and genital pain are not normal.

Gritting your teeth through sex is not the way it’s meant to be.

Avoiding intimacy to avoid the pain is not what you deserve.

It may be what you’re experiencing right now, but it doesn’t have to be your normal anymore.

Join me for my powerful 60 minute masterclass where I’m going to show you the four steps it takes to heal sexual and genital pain, no matter why you have it, how long you have had it, or how many other things you have tried to get rid of it.

Whether you have vaginismus, vulvodynia, peudendal neuralgia, endometriosis, or anything and everything in between, this Masterclass will help you on your healing path.

So you can have the sex life that you are dreaming of, with all of the intimacy and hope for the future that you crave.

The Painful Sex Masterclass

Start your journey from sexual pain to sexual pleasure 

Free 60 minute LIVE masterclass 

July 27th 2023 7pm CEST

(If you can’t make it live, I’ll send you a replay!)

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(Berlin 7pm, London 6pm, Calgary 11am, LA 10am)

In the masterclass, I will take you through the 4 steps to transform your pain to pleasure.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to tune in and listen to your body so you’re confident that you won’t have to deal with those surprise attacks of pain and burning
  • What stops you from healing your pain (it’s not what you think)
  • A simple exercise that will transform your pain into the good feelings (and it only takes a few minutes)
  • How to cultivate feelings of pleasure in your body on a regular basis so it becomes your new normal

It’s time to stop the pain running your life – are you ready for that?

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(Berlin 7pm, London 6pm, Calgary 11am, LA 10am)

My masterclasses are always super practical and useful, because I want you to leave feeling like you have answers that you have been looking for, and tools that you can immediately use to experience real change.

You’ll get tons of value from this class, so please make the effort to show up live and make the most of this (the replay will be available for 48 hours if you can’t be with us in person).

This masterclass is open to women only, because women’s sexual pain deserves specific care and attention all of it’s own. Please invite your friends and your support networks along as well. 

Hi, I’m Naomi

With over 15 years experience supporting women like you to heal and thrive in bodies that feel AMAZING to be in, I’m here to help you heal your sexual and genital pain so you can live the life of your dreams. 

I want you to experience what is possible for you when you can open your arms, heart and body to sex, because you want to, and because it feels GOOD. Really, really good. 

Healing sexual and genital pain takes time, patience, trust and safety, and I am here to be your guide on that winding road back to yourself, and the pleasure that is waiting for you. 

I am so delighted that you are here, and look forward to serving you as you move towards having the body that you would love.

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(Berlin 7pm/ London 6pm/ Calgary 11am/ LA 10am)