The Sexual Healing Starter Pack

The Sexual Healing Starter Pack is for you, when you have a specific problem and you are looking for personalized support. 
  • You have been dilating successfully, but now penetration in sex with your partner isn’t going so well, and you want to know how you can make sex epic. OR
  • You don’t have any libido or interest in sex, your vagina is dry, and you remember how good sex used to feel, but you don’t know how to get that back. OR
  • You want to start dating but you’re scared of having the hard conversations about what you need, about having sex with someone new, and where will you meet people who are understanding about your symptoms anyway? This session will answer all of these questions and more!  OR
  • You have a session with a OBGYN or other health professional coming up, and you want to get really clear on what to ask, how to ask it, how to advocate for yourself, and how to fully respect your body and its needs.
  • Or, whatever it is that you need support with!


One time Payment of $225

The Sexual Healing Starter Pack Includes:

1 x 90 minute session with Naomi over zoom

Signal Access for 24 hours following the session, for all the questions you forgot to ask!

Session recording so you can re-watch as often as you need.

I am so glad I did dive in (to working with Naomi) because it was such an amazing process & transformative experience.

It has fixed my incontinence issue (in just 3 weeks!) but I got so much more out of it too.  A greater sense of my body & what she’s capable of, but also a deeper connection with myself & increase love for myself too. It pushed me in ways that were gentle, but it became so apparent that I had to choose ME & because of it  – I am NOW actually chasing my dream of what I have wanted to do ever since I was little but didn’t have the courage to do, so it really has been TRANSFORMATIVE for me.    Naomi was so amazing at holding space & guiding me so gently that it was always so much fun & felt so safe. Thankyou SOOOO much Naomi with all of my heart.