The Pleasure Naturopath 1:1

Accelerate Your Healing, Find Your Turn On

Are you hungry for the sex life of your dreams – not just free from pain or numbness, but full of desire, turn on, joy and pleasure?

The sexual healing starter pack

The Starter Pack

The Sexual Healing Starter Pack is for you when you have a specific problem, or need to talk your situation through, and you are looking for personalised support. 

The Painful Sex Reset

The Painful Sex Reset

The Painful Sex Reset is for you if you want a deeper dive into what is possible for you. This 2 month program will put you firmly on your path to healing and pleasure.

Sexual Healing

This program is the whole package. Over 4 months I will show you how to heal your sexual pain, experience orgasmic pleasure and find your confidence.

Shut Down To Turned On

Wake up your body, discover your turn on and light up your orgasmic potential. This 2 month program will ignite your sexual confidence and your self love and respect.


Soft touch de-armouring is a gentle and holistic touch based approach to healing. In person de-armouring sessions in The Netherlands and Switzerland

Pleasure Mapping

Pleasure Mapping is a consent based exploration of the anatomy of your vulva, vagina and pelvic bowl. In person sessions in The Netherlands and Switzerland

(When I do my homeplay practices) all my anxiety disappears and my body feels safe, I feel safe, I am relaxed and calm and I even feel a state of relaxation around my vagina.

I feel a feeling of warmth in that area, of relaxation.

I would recommend working with Naomi, especially for women, because we need to learn that it is right to feel pleasure and to live a life of pleasure.

After working with Naomi, I am surprised by the fact how much my reality has changed, how much more I’m able to appreciate life and my body and how I’m capable of being happy despite everything. I’ve already won!

I am very happy to say I have now had three cycles with zero pain.

I worked with Naomi in relation to endometrial pain I was suffering with during my menstrual cycle. My pain was so severe it would cause me to pass out.
It was so refreshing to work with Naomi, someone who I felt was on the same page as me and had similar belief systems.
Following my time spent with Naomi and practicing the activities she suggested I am very happy to say I have now had three cycles with zero pain. I am really happy with these results.