Yoga for Pelvic Flexibility

With Wave Marie Baldwin

Yoga for Pelvic Flexibility is for you if you are looking for pain relief and pelvic relaxation.

This product offers you two options: a full 22 minute flow for when you want to settle in and go deep into your practice, as well as a 12 minute flow for those busy days.

These Yoga flows each contain three poses, specifically chosen for their profound relaxation on the pelvis. 

By doing these poses, you will be rewiring habitual causes of tension and pain, creating greater awareness and biofeedback between your brain and your pelvis, stretching open tight areas and increasing blood flow. 

Your instructor is Wave Marie Baldwin, an Ambassador in Training in the Desilets PsychoSexual Method, a Certified Yoga Teacher specialising in Sensory Yoga, a professionally trained ballet dancer, and someone who is always stretching and learning in the pursuit of her passion: theatre and the arts.

Wave recommends that you take it slow with these poses, even though they may feel easy, the stretching open of your body can be intense if you are not used to it.

Listen to your body and don’t push. 

If it feels right for you, begin with doing the poses three times per week while you pay attention to how you feel, and what changes for you. 



(When I do my homeplay practices) all my anxiety disappears and my body feels safe, I feel safe, I am relaxed and calm and I even feel a state of relaxation around my vagina.

I feel a feeling of warmth in that area, of relaxation.