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Your heart + your boundaries = your turn on

Before we talk about why we’re not turned on,

let’s talk about our hearts,

and let’s talk about boundaries.

Because we can’t talk about turn on without talking about both of these first.

We can’t ignore our hearts, because a body that isn’t loved from the inside out has a harder time surrendering into arousal and turn on. Self love and acceptance is the foundation of a body that is alive and juicy and ready.

And we can’t ignore our healthy boundaries, because a body that doesn’t know whether or not it is going to have it’s HELL NO and MMMM YES listened to, is a body that won’t be able to surrender safely to the intensity of desire.

A body that is loved, and a body that is listened to and respected, is a body that is ready to dance with pleasure.

That’s why hearts and boundaries are a big part of what I do with my clients. Because there is no true arousal and pleasure without these two things.

BUT: So you’re a long way away from loving yourself. And if you’re honest, you don’t even know what your boundaries are, let alone feeling brave enough to speak up about them.

And now you’re feeling p*ssed because it sounds like I’ve just said that you won’t be able to find turn on and arousal, even if you want to.

Nope, that’s not what I am saying.

What I am saying is that if you really want a body that is alive with arosual, it has to start from inside of you!

With your relationship with yourself.

And your willingness to be real and respectful of your body.

The amazing thing about your body?

It is always waiting for you. Waiting for you to come back to your heart. Waiting for you to learn about your boundaries and how to share them. Waiting for you to wake up and come home.

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