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Your value, loveability, desirability and worth aren’t determined by your libido.

If you have ever felt like you were less of a woman because you couldn’t find your arousal no matter what tricks and toys you tried,

Or if you have felt guilty because of your partner and what you think they need and want and how you can’t give that to them,

Or if you just want to want it with the person that you love, and because you don’t, you think that you are broken,

then hear this!

You are not broken!
You are not less then!
You are not undesirable!
You are not worthless!
You are not wrong!

Your worth isn’t decided by how much your body responds.

Your lovability isn’t decided by your libido.

You are so much more than that.

AND! If you turn on and libido have become an issue in your mind that you can’t let go of.

If the feelings of shame, or guilt, or longing are with you all the time.

Or if you just want to take a stand for yourself.

That you are worthy, and loveable, and desirable, and you want your sex life to be a epic part of your life,

Then healing is also available to you.

Your body can be awake, and aroused, and alive, if that is what you are dreaming of.

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