I have now had three cycles with zero pain.

I worked with Naomi in relation to endometrial pain I was suffering with during my menstrual cycle. My pain was so severe it would cause me to pass out.
It was so refreshing to work with Naomi, someone who I felt was on the same page as me and had similar belief systems.
Following my time spent with Naomi and practicing the activities she suggested I am very happy to say I have now had three cycles with zero pain. I am really happy with these results.

I cried when I was able to have sex with minimum pain.

It’s my deepest gratitude to you to agree to talk with me. I was comfortable to use words like sex, pain and what was going on. Also to be heard and to tell my pain was valid was a big thing. You definitely have a calm and healing voice which made me believe that practices which you asked me repeat everyday would help me ease the pain and it did.
I cried when I was able to have sex with minimum pain. I am very thank full to you and the work you are doing.
I still have some healing to do yet but now I believe I can live life pain free all because of you.

I have fixed my incontinence issue (in just 3 weeks)

(Working with Naomi) was such an amazing process & transformative experience.
It has fixed my incontinence issue (in just 3 weeks) but I got so much more out of it too.  A greater sense of my body & what she’s capable of, but also a deeper connection with myself & increased love for myself too.

Naomi was so amazing at holding space

(Because of working with Naomi) it became so apparent that I had to choose ME & because of it – I am NOW actually chasing my dream of what I have wanted to do ever since I was little but didn’t have the courage to do.

Naomi was so amazing at holding space & guiding us so gently that it was always so much fun & felt so safe.

Finding Naomi, is the best that could have happen to me.

Finding Naomi, is the best that could have happen to me. She is such a beautiful soul and is supporting my healing journey the lightest star at the sky.
I started to work with her three weeks ago. In a desert full of pain, suffering and anxiety she still believed that I‘m not broken and that there is a chance for me to heal.
I lost the hope that I will heal after 4.5 years of pain. After only one week I realised that she was right. I got a bit of a pain release because she taught me how to breathe correctly into my pelvis and gave me some advice how to get back the connection to my body.
The hardest part on my journey was that I thought there is some skin adhesion at my clitoris that no doctor believed in. Naomi helped me to deal with it. After three weeks of work the tissue released almost completely. That took so much anxiety and pain away from me.
Now I know that I‘m not alone anymore and there is someone who will help me out and who believes in me and my healing.
Even if it will take some time to heal completely and there is a lot of work to do I am looking forward to my future full of sunshine with confidence. I am so hopeful. Thank you so much my lovely Naomi!

I am soooooo grateful for our work together!

I felt so supported and safe, and learned oodles, and the pain has disappeared so thank you thank you thank you.

I feel so grateful to you.

I was at a point of considering giving up work, and I love my job but it is too much when struggling with pain. Yesterday I had pain coming on and rather than let myself get anxious about it which makes it worse, I just used every moment I was alone, a few minutes here and there, to focus on being kind to my body, some squeezing and breathing and I was able to move past it before it completely ruined my day. The same happened today and again I was able to get past it and let it go.
Over the years I have learned so many breathing techniques, Butako, meditation, box breathing etc but now as I breathe I visualize each breath connecting my heart and my pelvis and it just works for me. I feel so grateful to you.

In this training with Naomi, I especially liked how we could talk openly, and I felt safe.

Before I started working with Naomi, I had Vaginismus. Now I’m far away from that locked point where I was before. In this process of recovering and healing, Naomi has helped me to start understanding the importance and role of my body. I realized that vaginismus was just one of many symptoms that my body was trying to communicate to me and say that something is not completely right in my perception of my body and how I treated it. I treated it as a tool to get things done, and I was constantly pushing it to the point of exhaustion. But Naomi helped me to change perspective and I started paying attention, listening to my body, started breathing exercises and it was game changing. In this training with Naomi, I especially liked how we could talk openly, and I felt safe.
I would recommend this type of therapy, especially to women because we need to learn that it is right to feel pleasure and to live life of pleasure. You can start from the beginning and learn to breathe, to pay attention because body will never lie about what is happening inside. To my best friend I would say: “If you want to experience pleasure, you have to learn to fall in love with your body, and all the things your body is capable of. And it’s capable of so much more than you think!”
Some things I got from this program are: 1 – I realized how pleasure is important for rich and fulfilling life 2 – I started to believe that me and my body are capable of overcoming this condition 3 – my body was finally capable to relax and to have penetrative sex without pain 4 – I started to accept my sexuality and my body without shame 5 – it is good to feel fun again 🙂
Before this therapy with Naomi, I was in some sort of healing process trying to solve everything from my head. That changed when Naomi taught me that these things have to be lived outside my head. There are other, more pleasurable ways to overcome stress of the body.
After 9 months, I’m trying to listen more what I actually need, I’m trying to fulfill those needs, not someone else’s. I am way more confident to set boundaries and to save peace and my personal space. Because I pay attention, life is more real and I dont have to run away from it.
In the first meeting, I set a goal for “my body to be house of peace” and Naomi showed me that it is possible.
In this training I was surprised with the fact how much my reality has changed, how much more I’m able to appreciate life and my body and how I’m capable of being happy despite everything. I already won!

Naomi is absolutely gifted at holding a safe, gentle space for women to slow down and lean into practicing deep embodied self care.

I have experienced significant improvements in pelvic health and aliveness, I feel more vitally connected to myself, my body and pleasure as a pathway to self-realisation.

If feeling safe in your body and more pleasure, aliveness and gorgeous in your own skin sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to work with Naomi.

I am very excited today because for the first time I was able to have intercourse with complete penetration!

The pain was 80% lesser compared to previous attempts. I could feel the area getting more flexible as well. Thank you so much, it happened because of your cooperation and suggestions.

When Naomi talked about connecting with our bodies, I was very moved as I never saw my body that way.

I was very touched by Naomi’s gentle spirit.
When she talked about connecting with our bodies as soft animal, I was very moved as I never saw my body that way. It just hit me that we need to be gentle with our bodies. Also I never realized how the pelvic floor holds on to our traumas. She just makes it so simple to understand.

Naomi has helped me realise… that I have been subconsciously thinking and acting without regard for my body’s limits.

From pushing my body past it’s comfort to realising I carry a lot of stress and shame which is a trigger for my pain. Naomi has such a kind gentle nature that makes you feel instantly safe.

I’m so happy.

Even with doing your suggested exercises only when I remember, so not obsessively, I’m feeling so bloody amazing. Wet, juicy, alive. Thank you again.

Naomi provides a beautiful sense of safety through her comfortable, embodied presence and passion for the work.

I’ve learnt how much deeper my own boundaries and safety and advocacy can become to facilitate a deeper experience of pleasure in my body.

Naomi was supportive and respectful and explained everything from a sacred perspective.

I felt as though I could cope with whatever arose because of the support that was provided.

Naomi is heart-centered and embodied expert on pelvic pain and imbalances.

I especially learned how to listen my body and its needs more deeply. Great information about our
bodies and self-love, whether you have pelvic pain or not.”

(When I do my homeplay practices) all my anxiety disappears and my body feels safe, I feel safe, I am relaxed and calm and I even feel a state of relaxation around my vagina.

I feel a feeling of warmth in that area, of relaxation.

Your approach, kindness, gentleness and delivery of the content put me at ease.

I’ve just listened to the webinar and wanted to reach out to thank you!
I knew I couldn’t make the live date/ time, however as the days passed I found myself putting it off and thinking up excuses not to watch the replay. Fear of what I may find out or notice about myself I think. 

How wrong I was and how valuable your time was to me. Thank you! I journalled as I watched and am now eager to explore more. Your approach, kindness, gentleness and delivery of the content put me at ease.

Thank you! 

Honestly I know that this webinar will be one of those things that stay with me a while and is the start of a change process. Thank you again for your time.

You project that there most definitely is hope for improvement.

You never really know what to expect when you first see a woman who is some type of a sex coach. Years ago I was always expecting some really hot centerfold type.
Never have seen that.
You pop up with your sweet and proper English accent and remind me of a Sunday School teacher I had in the state of North Dakota, USA.
You have a calm dominant presence.
You are also articulate and approachable.
I don’t get nervous in almost any situation, but I can see how your speech pattern and posture would be helpful to calm an uptight person dealing with a subject they aren’t comfortable with. You project that there most definitely is hope for improvement.
I bet you have changed a lot of lives.
Be proud of yourself.