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Are you waiting for someone else to turn you on?

You’ve acknowledged that your body feels like it’s asleep. Maybe you’re numb. Or maybe you just don’t feel like it, ever.

But you want to. You miss it because you used to have it, or you miss it because you’ve never had it.

A juicy, alive, turned on body.

And you’re hoping that someone or something is going to be the spark that wakes everything back up.

Hoping that if you get the latest toy, or something new to watch, or read, or listen to, or a new person to play with,

that it’s going to be the match to light your fire, and then everything will be ok.

But if you are relying on the person or toy or movie to turn you on, what happens when they aren’t there any more?

Do you go back to being a sleeping beauty?

And what if you can’t find that exact thing that you are looking for to light you up?

Will you be stuck like this forever?

Here’s the secret.

The juicy, turned on, alive body that you are looking for?

That doesn’t come from outside of yourself.

It has to start inside.

Because how you want to feel? That is also coming from the inside.

It might feel so much easier to think that we can find something outside of ourselves to do the work,

but when it comes from the inside, that’s where the magic is!

And it takes time, and attention and slowness to find.

That’s why when I work with women, we work together for 2 months or 4. That gives the time needed to find the magic!

We live in a world that pushes so fast and where the next solution and fail proof thing will get you what you are looking for in a heartbeat.

But your body doesn’t work like that.

Your body moves at the speed that it needs to move. And while that might feel like it is soooooooo slow sometimes, the reward is that when you find what you are looking for inside of yourself, you have it forever.

It will always be yours.

Your pleasure and desire and orgasm won’t rely on another person to get you there.

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